Meridian Kiwanis sponsors the Kiwanis K-BUG (Bring Up Grades) program that recognizes third graders for personal growth. This is oftentimes a child who otherwise is not recognized for academic excellence or other skills, and who may have behavioral or other issues.

We ask each third grade teacher to select one student following each of the first three grading periods of the year, who the teacher feels has worked hard to make improvement in academic, behavioral, attention, following directions, or any other area where they have seen significant improvement. Kwianis members then visit their school during the third grade lunch period and award the selected student with a K-BUG t-shirt, K-BUG pencil and a letter to give to their parent or guardian explaining the program and why the teacher selected their child. At the end of the school year, Kiwanis members attend each school’s Awards Day and present a K-BUG certificate to all the winners from throughout the year.

Southside KBUG Winners Second Grading Period